Today, Rain was talking.

The rain wasn’t just pouring,
today, it was talking.
The tales of loneliness, the lost love, a reaching hand
I couldn’t hold.
The rain wasn’t just pouring,
today, it was talking.

As the water hit my windshield and dripped down the glass,
I heard her scream, I saw her bleed.
I could hear her words of despair, regretting the things she did,
I could hear the sound of music, I could feel the love she felt.
She was talking to me like she has been talking to you
and I failed to understand, the way you did too.

What was she talking about? You ask.
Stories of her broken heart.
Trust she couldn’t keep, her heart was left to bleed,
the voices I could hear, her pain I could never bear.
she was talking to me, a vulnerable soul banging my windshield.

The rain wasn’t just pouring,
today, it was talking.
And I heard her, loud and clear
I heard the names that left a scar,
I heard the deeds inhuman so far.
Love, trust and friendship,
all that we live for,
killed her soul, her poor little soul.

For the first time in a long time,
I didn’t see the romantic rain,
for the first time in a long time,
it pleaded for healing.

But, I didn’t have the courage before,
I was scared already
her wounds, her cry reminded me of who I’ve become
I saw my reflection in the puddles, this wasn’t me.
The girl who once cherished the rain was now feeling her pain
the girl who breathes with the drops was now shaking with a glance.


And then the first raindrop touched my hand,
almost like I had her name back,
the lost girl in me was breathing again
I rolled down the window glass and saw her living again.

Now I had the courage to reach out to her and hold,
help tie the pieces together of her broken soul.
I’m stronger and better than I was yesterday
maybe because the rain wasn’t just pouring,
it was talking today.

I hope you guys liked this poem, leave a comment down below if you’d like me to write more.
Until next time.
Much love. xx
Kajol Awana 


This is a protected poem since it is copyrighted, any claims over it would not be entertained or appreciated. Take authorization of the writer before you use this material anywhere. Thanks.



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